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Hi, I’m Melanie

a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Registered Play Therapy - Supervisor.
  • Depression 

  • Anxiety

  • Relationship challenges

  • Parenting

  • Personal growth, Life coaching, Support

  • ADHD, Autism Spectrum

  • Social Skills

  • Trauma, Grief

  • Enneagram


Stacked Books

I provide solution-focused counseling for adults, teens and preteens. I use a variety of methods to help you arrive at your desired goals. They may include cognitive-behavioral, experiential, teaching, processing experiences or practical problem-solving.

In all things a healthy, therapeutic relationship is crucial. I want to really understand you and value the trust you place
in me.


1989 - Present

Private Practice

Denton, Texas
(previously Southlake, Texas as well)

Worked with individuals, couples and families from preschoolers to seniors. I welcome folks from every walk of life and I'm ready to meet you where you are. Having said that, no one is good at everything so know that I refer issues around addiction, disordered eating, children under 12 and couples counseling to those specialists.


  • You don't have the drive time or waiting room time
  • ​You can close your office or classroom door and keep your after-hours free
  • You can meet with me while in your own comfortable space - fuzzy socks encouraged
  • You won't run into someone you know in the waiting room
  • Telehealth is HIPPA compliant, and your privacy is ensured
  • You can talk from the car while waiting during a kid's activities
  • Our young people communicate this way more often than not
  • Sometimes it's easier for people to share deeply personal things via technology rather than face to face

(text during business hours is best)

MAILING Address:
PO Box 52143
Denton, TX 76206

Currently using Telehealth
via Simple Practice

Connecting dots is important!


Connecting our past to our present and ultimately, to our future. Connecting our Thinking, Feeling & Doing. Connecting our desired outcomes to what it actually takes to make it so. Connecting patterns in new relationships to old ones. Connecting the big picture to the little details. Connecting how one behaves to the reactions of others.

So many dots...


where you are
what you have
what you can
~ Arthur Ashe
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